Chasing Our Nations Christmas Tree

November 21, 2020  •  1 Comment

Signing the Banner 094225_001Signing the Banner 094225_001Me signing the banner on the truck that is transporting the National Christmas Tree to Washington DC. 1 of 3 messages_0944481 of 3 messages_094448My addition to the messages....... Joseph signing Banner _093126Joseph signing Banner _093126Joseph wishing everyone a Merry Christmas from himself and Gunnison. Viewing the Nations Christmas Tree _093002Viewing the Nations Christmas Tree _093002A peak at the handmade ornaments from children in Colorado that adorn the tree. The Tree Escort 094935_00111The Tree Escort 094935_00111From Gunnison National Forest to Washington DC, our Nations Christmas Tree on the move.

Early on October 13th, 2020, a neighbor told me that our Nations Christmas Tree had been cut from the Gunnison National Forest and should be passing through town, shortly.  I watched and saw the entourage just as it was leaving Gunnison.  After collecting my photo partner, Joseph, we headed down the highway to catch it and possibly get a few photos.  They were moving at a brisk pace.  We caught the Christmas Tree escort on the east side of Monarch Mountain, near the Ski Resort.  

The group stopped just before Salida to make arrangements to stop at the high school for a brief photo op and then pass through town.  While the State Troopers and Forest Service personnel made arrangements, we were given free access to view, photograph and sign the banners on both sides of the semi truck.  We chased our Nations Christmas Tree almost 60 miles!  The last time a tree came from Colorado was 47 years ago.  

What a fun and special moment to accompany our Nations Tree for a short distance on its 2000 mile trek across the country.  The Forest Service personnel and State Troopers were honored to participate in this rare experience.  They were so joyful and kind to us.   

God's Blessings to All and Peace on Earth!!


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