Interesting Fact #4 about Gunnison County

April 03, 2022  •  1 Comment

Interesting Fact #4:  We have one of the smallest Walmart shopping centers in the entire chain of national and international stores.

There is at least one store smaller than the Walmart in Gunnison.  It is roughly 2500 square feet and is located on a college campus; Georgia Tech University. Our store is less than 40,000 square feet including backroom storage.  Putting it into perspective:  the average size of a Walmart Super Center is about 200,000 square feet.

There is no 'Garden Center." There is no "Automotive Center." There is no "Grocery."

While you can get anything from bathing suits to birthday cards, toothpaste, picture frames, car batteries, and pharmacy items; the selection is minimal.  The grocery section has some cookies, crackers, canned goods and coffee items but no fresh food.  While a Super Walmart has an entire aisle of toothpaste and oral care items. Our precious little store has one-fourth of the space available but you can get Crest, Colgate, and teeth whitener! 


Small Town, Small Store!     Happy Shopping (online)!


Joseph Enenbach(non-registered)
Hooray for Gunnison and its small store which serves the Gunnison community very well Teresa!
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