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With Bull Moose _9595On Mt Evans 1st time _0805With Mountain Goats_9880With Bighorn Sheep_9319Finding baby bighorn skull _0690With Mate Bald Eagles_5969With Mountain Goat Herd_9913With Bighorn Sheep Herd_1342Dillion Pinnacles Trailhead Blue Mesa_6770Holding Red-tail Hawk _0685Tracking Cat Prints 11.20With Elk Herd_6046With Great Blue Heron_0253On Top of a 14'ner_0161Crested Butte Annual Flower Festival_0164Golden Rocks Beach Blue Mesa_8679Slate River Road Monument Flower Field_0498With Moose & Calf_2938With Pronghorn in distance_3299With Grey Jay (Canadian Jay)_5524